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love this one. reminds me of this random game me and some friends stumbled on during lockdown (which i think you would love haha): when i played that with friends none of us knew how to play and the game keeps changing constantly and none of it makes any sense, but it was so much fun to just toy around with it and have the game respond in all these unexpected ways.

this feels like a similar vein to me -- which is a pretty exciting vein of design imo. something really magical about fumbling with buttons, having my ability to predict UI elements' utilities rapidly erode before my eyes, and give into enjoying the sheer surprise of interaction, waiting to see what will happen. really love the choice for sliders in this, which so shockingly flouts my understanding of how those should be used that you get a lot of humor (and surprising game feel!) out of it haha. great sound bites, great confusion, great game :)


haha glad you liked it, first time playing boardgame online, pretty fun