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10/10 - I think this game is great - I wrote some brief words about it here

that's cool, thank you very much!

i was quite struck by your pumpkin game when i played it a few months ago, think about it often


I didn't understand shit about this game but it looks cool, 7/11


thanks for playing :)


really liked this. i'm not sure i "figured out" how to play haha, but there's an amazing, stark obtuseness to this that feels like a distant little world i can only look into and prod at. reminds me of being a kid and spending hours with games i could never figure out how to play (when i still had the patience to give a work that much time, and care) -- but somehow those impenetrable moments have stuck with me, years and years on. i think maybe there's something to maintaining the mystery of a work -- we come to a game not knowing yet how to play it, until eventually we figure it out. but there's a real magic to the dance that gets us from one to the other. playing this feels like lingering in that dance, as long as possible, before the beautifully alien snaps back into the familiar.

wonderful game <3


cool, thanks for playing :)